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£183m Gun Deal Sustains 43 Skilled UK Jobs

04 August 2016

The Ministry of Defence (MOD) has signed a £183 million contract for a weapons system which will sit on board the Royal Navy’s new next generation Type 26 Global Combat Ship.

The Maritime Indirect Fire System (MIFS) will be integrated onto the Type 26 Global Combat Ships, currently being designed by BAE Systems. MIFS includes the 5-inch, 62-calibre Mark 45 Naval Gun System, which is already in service with other NATO nations, including the US and Spanish navies.

The new contract covers the design and manufacture of the first three guns, as well as a training system and ammunition, and will sustain 43 skilled UK jobs.

BAE Systems, Weapon Systems and Munitions, based in the US, will lead on the work to bring the weapons system into service, with subcontractor work being undertaken by:

BAE Maritime Services Frimley & Broad Oak to develop, supply and integrate MIFS gunfire control;

BAE Munitions Glascoed, which is carrying out the UK ammunition qualification and;

BAE Weapons Systems Barrow, which is supporting the UK equipment safety cases.

This type of cutting-edge gun is not currently manufactured in the UK, and the USA’s BAE Systems, Weapon Systems and Munitions, offered a proven system at the best value for money solution for the UK taxpayer.

Deliveries of the gun to the UK are expected to begin in 2020.

Source: MOD