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Defence Solutions Ltd – Appointed to Framework Agreement to Provide Technical Support to Yorkshire & Humber based Companies

21 January 2013

Defence Solutions Ltd is pleased to announce that it has been appointed as a solution provider by Sheffield University to a Framework Agreement offering technical support (through the Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre - National Metal Technology Centre) to companies based in the Yorkshire and Humber Region.  Details of the project are outlined below. 


The National Metals Technology Centre has recently secured ERDF funding supporting regional companies. Part of this funding will provide a new source of financial support to companies to undertake Research and Development. The fund will provide companies with up to 75% funding for suitable short term, high impact projects which lead to benefits in jobs and profits. All projects will be considered; however, they are mainly looking towards projects with a value of £5,000 to £20,000.

How does it work?

Project ideas from companies will be submitted for consideration either by a solution provider or directly from the company if a solution provider has not been identified. The application will be subjected to a technical, financial and value for money calculation.

The technical portion will be reviewed using the following criteria:-

Technical feasibility
Financial feasibility
Are the proposed development steps appropriate?
Is there a strong market potential seen for the development?
All approved projects will be advertised within a secure area of the NAMTEC website only accessible by the solution providers listed below. This site is secure and complies with Data Protection.

Types of Project

New product / process development
Improvements in products or processes – better, smaller, faster, cheaper .......
Increase market share / penetration
Evaluation of new markets, new products, new services
Design of factory layout
Single company projects
Collaborative applications

Open to all Yorkshire & Humber companies

Focussed towards 'advanced engineering'
Undertake 'development' in the broadest sense
Must provide measurable improvement to company (jobs created, jobs safeguarded, GVA)
Short, high impact projects
Undertaken by a solution provider 


Application Form

The application form is quick and simple to complete and is normally completed in conjunction with a solution provider. The application form records company details including their de-minimis statement, defines the project, the solution provider, the cost to complete and the forecasted benefits. If the company is unsure about who has the correct expertise, NAMTEC will assist by providing details of all appropriate providers to ensure that a informed decision can be made.

Should you require any further information please do not hesitate to contact us or visit