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The Centre for Defence Enterprise

02 April 2012

The role of CDE, part of the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory, is set to grow as outlined in the recent Government White Paper - National Security Through Technology.

This includes its novel 'marketplace' scheme to provide dedicated support to mentor and promote the best projects from SMEs to help them grow and work with the main defence suppliers, MOD and other government departments. The first 'marketplace' will be held on 1 November.

Minister for Defence Equipment, Support and Technology, Peter Luff, said:

"It is essential that small and medium-sized enterprises have their own platform within the defence industry. Championing these firms requires us actively to encourage and drive greater pull-through of innovative ideas into applications and contracts.

The Centre for Defence Enterprise will mentor smaller companies, guiding and helping them to maximise opportunities for exploitation on the international stage. The Centre for Defence Enterprise will be a promoter - giving these firms the opportunity to present their innovations to leading defence and other suppliers and users."

Mr Luff also announced an additional £2m of funding for SMEs working on defence research. The funding, from the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills' Small Business Research Initiative, will help further support SMEs to develop their ideas.

The Centre for Defence Enterprise was established in 2008 to overcome traditional barriers to innovation within the defence sector and encourage the rapid delivery of cutting-edge research and development in support of front line operations. Since then it has provided funding of more than £23.5m - 43 per cent of which has gone to SMEs.

The Centre for Defence Enterprise has now placed its 500th contract, with ITSUS, a small Welsh company which will receive £104,000 of funding to look at ways of improving existing IT network systems for military operations. Bandwidth is a scarce and valuable commodity on the front line.

The aim of this project is to provide an enhanced tactical advantage, improved incident response and significantly cheaper operating costs

Source: MoD