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Multi-billion Pound Defence Deal Secures Thousands of UK Jobs

05 July 2017

The Defence Secretary Sir Michael Fallon has announced the signing of a 

contract worth around £3.7 billion to start building the Royal Navy’s Type

26 Frigates

Manufacture of the first three of these new highly capable warships will 

secure approximately 1700 skilled shipbuilding jobs in Scotland and 1700 jobs 

throughout the supply chain across Britain until 2035 Defence Secretary, Sir 

Michael Fallon said:

“The Type 26 Frigate is a cutting-edge warship, combining the expertise of the 

British shipbuilding industry with the excellence of the Royal Navy.

We will cut steel on the first ship later this month – a hugely significant 

milestone that delivers on our commitment to maintain our global naval power. 

These ships will be a force to be reckoned with, there to protect our powerful 

new carriers and helping keep British interests safe across the world.

Backed by a rising defence budget and a £178bn Equipment Plan, the Type 26 

programme will bring vast economic benefits to Scotland and the wider UK.

The contract is structured to ensure value for taxpayers’ money and, 

importantly, now designed to protect them from extra bills from project 

overrun. The investment will secure hundreds of skilled jobs at BAE Systems on 

the Clyde for the next twenty years, and thousands of jobs in the supply chain 

across Britain.”